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Justin Clarke (born 9 October 1984), better known by his stage name Ghetts (formerly Ghetto) is an English Rapper, from Plaistow, Newham, East London with Caribbean roots from Jamaica and Grenada.
After being released from prison in 2003, at the age of eighteen years, Ghetto put out his first release, 2000 & Life in 2005. The mixtape contains 24 tracks and numerous collaborations. 2000 & Life is widely regarded as pioneering within the context of grime music.
In 2007 Ghetto released his second, pre-album mixtape Ghetto Gospel. The mixtape was a departure from his previous release, 2000 & Life, being more mellow and featuring tracks about subjects such as girlfriends and his mother. In interviews, he has stated that the mixtape’s calmer tone is to “prove people wrong”, as he does not want to be typecast as an aggressive and angry rapper.
On 10 March 2008, Ghetts released his third mixtape, Freedom of Speech. It is predominantly a solo mixtape, and features no other producers aside Lewi White and Smasher (The pair responsible for “Back in the Day”).
On 12 July 2010 Ghetto release his fourth mixtape under the alias Ghetts, entitled “The Calm Before the Storm”. This was a highly anticipated release fusing the best elements of UK hip-hop and grime into this pre-album massacre. Ghetts immediately gives the people what they want; pure Grime bangers with Ghetts’ ridiculous word play and flow in full effect.

Charlie Sloth
Charlie Sloth (born 20 August 1987) is an English DJ, producer, actor and TV presenter who was born and raised in Somers Town, North West London, England
Sloth’s career began in 2007 after he won “Most Original Video” at the CraveFest awards Canada for music video, “Guided Tour of Camden”
Sloth was prominent on London pirate radio stations such as RawFM, Freek FM, Deja Vu FM and Raw Mission FM.
Sloth created ‘Being Charlie Sloth’ which was picked up by The show ran for 58 episodes, and every Monday, a new episode was made live and would be watched by millions of people.
In 2008 Sloth won “Best Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Unsigned Artist” at the CraveFest awards in Canada. Sloth released ‘Hard Being Good’ in 2008.
He won ‘Best Radio Show’ at the 2012 & 2013 Urban Music Awards and was nominated for two Sony Radio Academy Awards for ‘Best Entertainment Programme’ and ‘Music Personality of the Year’ in 2013

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