Paris Moore-Williams (born 8 April 1989), better known by his stage name P Money, is an English Grime MC from Lewisham, South London who is also active in the dubstep scene. He is best known for his live performances as well as for songs such as Slang Like This, Anthemic and Round the Clock. He was a founding member of Lewisham-based grime crew OGz and has released one album with the group entitled OGz Season Vol. 1. He also appeared on the sixth edition of highly popular grime DVD Lord of The Mics (LOTM 6) in a grime clash (battle).

P Money began his career within the crew Fatal Assassins along with MC’s such as Little Dee and Blacks. During these times P Money was known for his fast, skippy flow which created plenty of hype when attending pirate radio shows. He attended many classic studio sets such as those from the Hazardous Sessions series and also Fuck Radio volume 5. He gained a lot of positive attention with the massive single “What Did He Say”, which has since been released on Vinyl and digital download, as well as the title being used as a slogan for a line of T-shirts. He is currently a member of the crew OGs and was involved with the collective’s first release, OG Season.

P Money Is Power – P Money’s debut album. The album received mixed reviews, with some people doubting the strength of some productions on the CD. However praise has been given to tracks such as the remix of “What Did He Say” and “Sounds and Gimmicks”.[citation needed]

Money Over Everyone – Money Over Everyone is the 2nd purchasable release from South London artist P Money. It follows on from 2008’s P Money Is Power which fans and critics were unsure of, with many doubting the strength of some productions and the inclusion of some tracks. This release features more notable producers however, such as Maniac, Scratcha & Rude Kid. This CD also gives fans the opportunity to hear what Grime MC’s can do on dubstep with nods to “Left The Room” and “Look How Many”. There is still input from the lesser known talents, SNK, Mastermind & Royal-T are amongst those and on the MC support there are hands lent from Little Dee, Frisco, Wiley plus more. “Fruits and Veg” is a popular song containing the lyrics only previously heard on one Logan Sama show, “Crazy” leans slightly into the R & G subgenre and “They Don’t Understand” is the emotional bass filled banger with Little Dee.

In May 2014, P battled Big H at Lord of the Mics 6, an annual grime event that showcases UK rap talent specifically in the grime section. The clash was a controversial one as Big H decided to back out in the third round, claiming Jammer, the events host, hadn’t paid him enough money to do a full three rounds, he then asked for more money to finish the third round, which was met by boos in the crowd. It therefore seemed conclusive that P won the clash. He was later featured in KSI’s top 30 single Lamborghini.

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